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New Thicker Engineered Flooring

Jan 18

New Thicker Engineered Flooring

San Diego Flooring is the premier floor installation company. We also offer to remodel. Call us to have your hardwood floors installed or refinished. Engineered Flooring has a new product that's 1/2" thick and comes in a wide plank. The best thing about this engineered flooring product is its ability to be refinished multiple times by sanding off and refinishing. These flooring planks come in a veneer thickness of 5mm. They are suitable for daily use by pets and children as well as walking in high heels. The planks are available in two sizes: 3 1/4 inches x 1/2 inch or 5" x 1/2 inch. It's a 7 ply + veneer product. This means that it is more stable than products with fewer layers. Engineered Hardwoods have the thickest veneer available in the market. This means that it can be sanded as often as regular hardwood flooring, 2 to 3.

Benefits from Thicker Engineered Hardwoods

  • Wide planks that look great
  • Can you install it on concrete or wood subfloors
  • Thicker planks are more durable floors
  • Planks with a longer length allow for a quicker installation
  • Higher quality, with more innovation
  • Extremely durable, containing aluminum oxide and a 35-year warranty
  • Low prices. 2.99$ for 3 1/4"x 1/2" and 2.99$ for 5"x1/2".

Our new wide plank engineered hardwood flooring is more resilient to moisture and more stable. Traditional engineered floors are designed to resist moisture. They can also be laid over a concrete floor. It can be laid on top of plywood by nailing down.

San Diego Flooring offers professional engineered flooring installation or refinishing. This dustless sanding includes removing blemishes and gouges from the engineered flooring as well as the current finish/stain. Refinishing the engineered floor was not possible before the thicker veneer (5mm) was installed. The " Sandless Sanding", which reduces dust caused by sanding, helps to keep your indoor environment clean. We offer low VOCs and no VOCs for clean environments.

Wood Floor Stability - More

You have a basement and want hardwood floors. Hardwoods should not be used due to moisture issues. But those days are over. Basements are now a great place to install these wide plank floors thanks to the 5mm Engineered Floor. Heavy veneers can be refinished as many as hardwood floors, making them last many years. These veneers are made of engineered hardwoods and are therefore more resistant to moisture.

Our thick 1/2" Engineered Hardwoods have a wide variety of prefinished stain and width options. To get a quote, call us and receive a free consultation at your home. We will measure your space and show you samples. We can install the thicker Engineered Floors on concrete or wood subfloors. We will prepare your concrete floors.

Cost comparison

Engineered Hardwoods tend to be more expensive than real hardwood floors. Some people prefer hardwoods. Engineered Flooring in 1/2" thickness is a great alternative to hardwood floors. It also offers durability and savings. They can be installed where hardwoods won't and can be sanded repeatedly over their lifetime. You have endless style options and they are stunning.

San Diego Flooring will provide you with a free and fast quote. Our work is top-notch and our prices are among the lowest in the area.


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