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Merewether Beach

May 29

About Merewether Beach

If you're looking for a scenic view, then the iconic Merewether Beach is perfect. The international surfing competition Surfest happens here every year and it's part of an extensive beach reserve that stretches from north to south with spectacular views in all directions!

Merewether Beach is a popular spot for both locals and visitors. It's home to Australia’s Best City Beach 2017, Declared by the Australian Institute of Tourism after analyzing survey responses from around 150 people who had visited this area in recent years. With its wide stretch that goes up near Dixons park or down below Burwood pavement where you can find some good waves depending upon what days they occur - whether calm & or sunny.

Beach Mereweather

What to do in Merewether Beach

The best way to enjoy this summer's heat is by taking a break at one of the many beaches on offer. From Merewether Ocean Baths in New South Wales, which has been ranked as having some of Australia’s most beautiful views for miles around!
Muggles will love walking their dogs along these sandy paths while parents juggle caffeine and kids with sandy hair play nearby - it doesn't get more relaxing than that!. If you want something less crowded then head down below decks where there are plenty more serene spots perfect for early morning swims or just sitting back and watching all those little boats sail past above yourself.

Masters of the waves, this purply-pink beach is home to an annual international surfing competition. The stunning views here make for great photo opportunities and you can enjoy them while strolling along with one of many paths in reserve or taking part yourself!

The beautiful beaches stretch from north to south, providing ample opportunities in both competitive riding conditions as well as calm waters perfect for beginner's hip-thrusting poses! Council Lifeguard Services provides Monday through Saturday coverage during the summer months while volunteer members at our local lifesaving club patrol the shoreline on Sundays when you'll find us most active - they're always ready with water wings or tow ropes if needed!

Beach- Mereweather

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