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Elizabeth Quay

Jul 29

About Elizabeth Quay

The Elizabeth Quay project is a mixed-use development located in the heart of Perth. The quays or riverfront property was named after Queen Elisabeth II during her diamond jubilee, and it hosts shops & restaurants as well as offices to serve its customers.

Quay is an oasis of art in the heart of Perth. The quay has several pieces that are public and can be seen by all who walk along this beautiful street, such as Spanda, which stands at 29 meters tall.[60] There's also First Contact - a 5-meter statue showing what looks like a bird with wings reaching out onto the water from beneath white clouds before taking flight up towards heaven; Bessie Rischbieth marks one corner.


What to do at Elizabeth Quay

Elizabeth Quay is one of the most beautiful spots in Perth for both locals and tourists. The water views make it an ideal spot to enjoy lunch or dinner, while there are plenty free things you can do if on a budget as well!

Elizabeth Quay is a place to see and be seen in Perth. Here you'll find the island playground, BHP Billiton Water Park, with its public artwork for all who come here to enjoyably expense their time relaxing or exploring. There are also promenades along which one can walk or take out an espresso while soaking up some sunlight! This location couldn’t be more accessible by Public Transport either- just steps away from Transperth ferry stations that will bring visitors right into town when they first arrive at this stunning new waterfront development on The Banks of Swan River

Elizabeth Quay Bridge provides a stunning perspective of the city from one side and an unforgettable view on Swan River with South Perth in sight. This bridge links up to Barrack Street Jetty, which makes it easy for photographers looking at their favorite spot in downtownPerth - this would be considered among some best photo locations if you happen come across such place while taking pictures here!

Elizabeth Quay

One local company in Perth that is involved in this tourist attraction;

Name: Carports Perth Pro

Address: 112 Pilbara St, Welshpool WA 6106

Telephone: (08) 6373 2526